Tabula was founded in 2010 by the Foundation for Civic Education (FCE). FCE is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2009 to promote values that define the Western liberal democracy.

FCE Board includes:

Tamar Chergoleishvili is the Director General of Tabula Media, which she has founded in 2010 as a weekly magazine Tabula that transformed into one of the most influental and widely read online multimedia platform in Georgia. 

Before that (2000-2010) she had served at various posts at the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg. In her capacity as the head of the Council of Europe’s Legal Task Force, she contributed to Georgia’s legislative reforms in the fields of criminal justice, economic crime, cybercrime, human rights and media. She also cooperated with the US Department of Justice on the reform of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia (1999-2000). She was actively involved in the legislative and judicial reform process as program coordinator for American Bar Association in 1997-1998. 

She graduated Tbilisi State University, the Department of International Law and International Relations.

Beka Mindiashvili - Theologist; Founder of the Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI). TDI works on freedom of religion and developing a culture of tolerance by supporting civic integration, protecting minorities' rights, and through other directions. Mindiashvili has worked at the office of the Ombudsman of Georgia as the head of the freedom and equality department, and worked as the main expert at the Ombudsman’s tolerance center.

Ghia Nodia - Philosopher and Political Scientist; Full professor at Ilia State University, and Chairman of the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy, and Development (CIPDD). CIPDD is a research center on public policy. Nodia publishes academic articles as well as essays on current social, political, and cultural problems.

Giga Zedania - Philosopher; Rector of Ilia State University. Before becoming rector in 2014, Zedania worked at Ilia State University and authored several books and essays. Zedania hosted the TV show “night talks/ღამის საუბრები” which aired on the Georgian Public Broadcaster.

Keti Devdariani - Screenplay writer at Formula Creative. Devdariani is a scriptwriter for the top-rated Georgian TV series “My Wife’s Friends/ჩემი ცოლის დაქალები,” which is running for its 11th season. The series covers current social, political, and cultural issues in the country. Devdariani is the scriptwriter of another top-rated TV series “Artificial Respiration/ხელოვნური სუნთქვა.”

Levan Ramishvili - Sociologist; Chairman of the Liberty Institute since 1996. Ramishvili is the editor of Tabula and previously held positions at different media outlets. He is an associate professor and assistant professor at Ilia State University and the Free University, respectively.

Nino Gogiberidze – is a legal professional with in-depth knowledge and understanding of justice and judicial sector reforms in Georgia, including 10+ years’ experience in planning, coordinating, and managing U.S. and EU-funded programmes. Gogiberidze graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of International law and International Relations in 2003. In 2005, she received an MSc degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since 2010 she is an Assistant Professor at Ilia State University, School of Law, teaching Human Rights and Public International Law courses. Gogiberidze was an executive editor of Tabula news magazine between 2010 and 2013.

Davit Kovziridze - Writer; Journalist; Author and host of the TV show “With Heavy Man/მძიმე კაცთან.” Kovziridze was a columnist for Tabula magazine and worked on the Sports editions. He is an activist with the June 2nd Movement, which works towards the liberalization of drug policies in Georgia.

Giorgi Liponava - Film director. Liponava currently works on the TV show “My Wife’s Friends/ჩემი ცოლის დაქალები” and has directed numerous films, TV series, and advertisements.

Baadur Malazonia - Art-Editor. Malazonia was the art editor for Tabula. He created the design for Georgia’s national currency, the Lari (GEL).

Giorgi Phruidze - Market specialist; Tabula’s Executive Director. Phruidze is the commercial director of a financial institute which provides factoring service for companies.

Irakli Saghinadze - Producer; Screenwriter; Activist; Founder of the June 2nd Movement which works towards the liberalization of drug policies in Georgia.

Lexo Machavariani - Tabula General Producer. Machavariani is the author of different art projects, a founder and activist of the June 2nd Movement, and writes articles on social and cultural issues. He has worked in the ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Environment Protection, and of Health.

Davit Paitchadze - Journalist. Paitchadze worked in TV, radio, and written journalism, and has lead lectures in various universities. He currently works in radio at the Georgian Public Broadcaster and is a professor at Ilia State University.

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