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Guram Odisharia: We came to build, not ruin

The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia became a source of great attention shortly after the parliamentary approval of the new government in October. The new Minister, Guram Odisharia, has started gathering representatives from different cultural spheres for round table discussions on various topical issues including the rehabilitation of the...

The Age of Stupid

A transparent sealed enclosure holds a limited supply of oxygen. Inside that small space is a person struggling to survive on the allotted oxygen supply. Sooner or later, all oxygen will be expended. Those standing outside the space witness a horrific scene – the person inside gasps for air and writhes in agony until the enclosure becomes his tomb. The scene is...

Out the Left Window

P hotography is her most cherished pastime. She always tells the truth, even when people do not want to hear it – an unusual, even perhaps a bit risky, trait for a diplomat. La Traviata is her favorite opera, and she considers the second movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 as one of the finest musical compositions ever created. She likes Jane Austin, is fond of Russian literature – Dostoyevsky’s literary works, in particular – and also finds the literature of American writer and Noble Prize...

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