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Ambassador Alexander Lomaia served as Permanent Representative of Georgia to the UN from 2009-2013. Before assuming this posting, he was Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia. His government service also includes four years as Minister of Education and Science. Previously, Mr. Lomaia had an extensive career in the non-governmental sector, serving as executive director of Open Society Georgia Foundation, as regional director of the Democracy Coalition Project, and as Georgia country director for the US-based Eurasia Foundation. Mr. Lomaia holds a Ph.D. in hydropower engineering from Moscow Construction Engineering Institute and a master’s degree in engineering from Georgian Technical University.


A Chance Offered by Defeat

After Winston Churchill’s defeat in the general elections of 1945, his wife Clementine consoled him: “It may well be a blessing in disguise.” Churchill grumbled in reply, “At the moment it seems quite effectively disguised.” Yet within a few years Churchill was elected as prime minister once again. In the wake of their October defeat, the renewed United National Movement (UNM) should seize the opportunity to regain the trust of the majority of the electorate. For that to happen, however, a...

Keeping An Eye on Canaries in the Coal Mine

Until devices were invented to measure levels of methane and carbon monoxide gases in coal mines, miners relied for their survival on caged canaries. Able to detect small concentrations of lethal gases in the mines, the caged songbirds would stop singing – either temporarily or for good – upon sensing a dangerous concentration. Miners knew they were safe as long as the canaries kept singing and would instantly evacuate dangerous sections of the mines once the singing stopped. Society also...

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