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Those of us who lived in the Soviet Union remember very well the painstaking care with which people set up their home libraries. Acquiring books was as toilsome as acquiring the shelves on which to line them and, sometimes, even color-coordinate them by book cover. For people of that epoch, displaying a fashionable shelf (Czech-made was then considered the best) and a difficult-to-obtain book was an elitist demonstration of social status and intellectual standing. Far easier to obtain (indeed...

Why We Are Not Switzerland

While traveling in Switzerland, many Georgians have been fascinated by the beauty of its hills, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes and struck by the resemblance with Georgia’s landscape. The similarities between the two countries must have brought to mind the question: What set of circumstances have turned a small mountainous, multilingual and multi-confessional country such as Switzerland, possessing scarce natural resources and powerful neighboring states, into the country it is today? An...

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