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ოთო კახიძე არის საერთაშორისო საკონსულტაციო კომპანია BGI Legal-ის დირექტორი.

2005-2009 წლებში მუშაობდა საქართველოს ახალგაზრდა იურისტთა ასოციაციაში, ხოლო 2009-2012 წლებში საქართველოს იუსტიციის სამინისტროში – სამართალშემოქმედების დეპარტამენტის უფროსის მოადგილის, ანალიტიკური დეპარტამენტის უფროსისა და მინისტრის მოადგილის პოზიციებზე.

დამთავრებული აქვს თსუ იურიდიული ფაკულტეტი, ასევე ჰარვარდის უნივერსიტეტის ბიზნესის სკოლის აღმასრულებელი განათლების პროგრამა ბიზნესის ადმინისტრირების მიმართულებით.


What Systemic Crime Means

Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege"There exists no crime and no punishment without a pre-existing penal law appertaining" is a basic principle of the rule of law in Western democracies.Georgian legislation defines what qualifies as a crime – an illegal action that constitutes an offense as specified in the Criminal Code of Georgia.In other words, to be considered as a crime:a) An action must be illegal, i.e. in breach of the law;b) The illegality of the action must be specified in the...

Court Independence

IntroductionOver the past 15 years, the judiciary has gone through several waves of reforms. Throughout this period, society never stopped talking about the independence of the court system, the degree of trust towards it and the need for its further reformation. How has the court system advanced in recent years? What does the independence of courts mean? How should a better judiciary be achieved?Based on the example of the Roman Republic, Montesquieu believed that power must be distributed...

Crime and Statistics

IntroductionAfter winning the parliamentary elections in October 2012, one of the important challenges faced by the new Georgian government is sustaining the achievements of its predecessor.Among such achievements, the successful fight against crime is especially worth noting. This enabled Georgia, within several years, to transform from a country with a high crime rate into the safest state in Europe.When addressing parliament on 24 October, Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili noted the country...

Some Thoughts On Jury Trial Courts

As part of the reforms of the judiciary, since 1 October 2010 the stage by stage establishment of jury trials began in Georgia. As of now, juries have already delivered verdicts on three criminal cases. Currently, jury trial courts operate only in Tbilisi and Kutaisi and jurors only consider cases of premeditated murder. Just recently, in mid-January, the Ministry of Justice announced that it has drafted legal amendments suggesting broadening the jurisdiction of juries. As proposed by the...

The Perception of Selective Justice

Introduction The United National Movement (UNM), which swept to power on the wave of Rose Revolution, ran Georgia for nine years. The legacy that the team of young, ambitious and Western-oriented reformers inherited in 2003 was heavy. There was rampant corruption in law enforcement and tax systems, a high level of general and organized crime, a large informal...

Broken Windows

An initiative of the new government of Georgia to carry out an amnesty program aimed at alleviating overcrowded prisons is already taking concrete shape. The Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights has prepared a draft law that goes well beyond what anyone might have reasonably expected. If implemented, the envisaged amnesty program would affect virtually any type...

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