Rustavi 2 Case

Nika Gvaramia: Appellate Court violated the Law by mailing the verdict

რუსთავი 2
On June 22, Nika Gvaramia, the director of Rustavi 2 held a press-conference where he accused the Appellate Court of violating the procedures of delivering the verdict to the parties. According to Gvaramia, the Appellate Court of Tbilisi notified the parties involved in Rustavi 2 Case about it's verdict via post, while the Court is required to deliver the verdict to a party, upon the announcement of the decision, in person.
Gvaramia argues that through delivering the verdict via Post the Court took additional 18 days that a party had to appeal the verdict at the Court of Cassation. He maintains that Rustavi 2 was planning to appear at the Court and accept the verdict on 30th day (according to the law the party has responsibility to appear at the court for receiving the verdict no earlier than 20th day and no later than 30th day after the announcement of the verdict) after it was announced. He furthermore noted that according to his sources, the Court drafted 71 page document in 12 days which seems almost impossible to him.
Gvaramia stated that Rustavi 2 is not going to register the verdict as received, provided that the Court violated the law. He demanded explanation from the High Council of Justice and Supreme Court over the decision of the Appellate Court to send the verdict via mail.
"We wanna know what is the Appellate Court doing, what do such actions represents, what is the deadline for appealing the verdict at the Court of Cassation, and why is the Court resorting to illegal actions" - declared Gvaramia. He further appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate the case of the violation of the procedure. Nika Gvaramia in his press conference, called upon the President and the Chairman of the Parliament to stand as the guarantors of the protection of the rights and the law.
The Appelatte Court announced its decision on June 10th, leaving the decision of the City Court unchanged. According to the latter, 100% of assets of Rustavi 2 was announced as a property of Kibar Khalvashi and his company "Panorama".


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