2016 Parliamentary Elections

GfK Survey: 22.4% supports GD, 21.7% UNM


According to recent polling data from GfK, 22.4% of those surveyed said they would vote for the Georgian Dream, while 21.7% said they would vote for the United National Movement. The research conducted by GfK was commissioned by Rustavi 2; the fieldwork took place between June 7-22, 2016. GfK surveyed 2,200 individuals with an average margin of error +/- 2.1%.

In response to the question: "If you were taking part in the October 8 Parliamentary Elections, which party would you vote for?" 22.4% of those surveyed answered GD, 21.7% named the UNM, 7.8% would vote for Paata Burjuladze's Party "The State for the People," and 6.2% for the Free Democrats. The Labour Party is favoured by 2.8 percent and the Patriots Alliance by 2.2%. NIno Burjanadze was named by 1.6% of the population and the Republican Party by 0.6%. Girchi and New Georgia-Giogi Vashadze are supported by 0.3% and 0.5%, respectively.10% of those surveyed refused to answer the question.

Using data cross-tabulation, the GfK found that among those who are planning to vote in the elections, but who remain undecided on whom to vote for, 30.5% prefer GD, while 28.2% support the UNM.

According to the survey, 51.6% says that the country is headed towards the wrong direction, while 27.9% think Georgia is on the right path. 20.5% did not answer the question. For 49.7%, the most important national issue is employment and jobs. For 10.9% - territorial integrity, and for 10% - low wages and poverty.


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