Georgian political forces present joined declaration at Warsaw Summit

Georgian delegation to the NATO Warsaw Summit is headed by the President Margvelashvili. With the president, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense Minister, State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Secretary of the National Security Council are attending the summit.
Georgia submitted joined declaration of the political forces at the summit. The documents talks about the choice of Georgian people to become part of the Euro-Atlantic defense alliance and it underlines the consequences of the Russian occupation. The signatories of the document are Georgian Dream, Republicans, Conservatives, National Forum, Free Democrats and United National Movement. The declaration additionally includes signatures of the President, Prime Minister and chair of the parliament.
The joint declaration discusses the aspiration of Georgian people to become part of the Euro-Atlantic structures and community:
"The undersigned parliamentary political parties of Georgia have in the past and continue to have substantial domestic political disagreements. Yet we stand united on one principle: that Georgia is a sovereign, independent state and the Georgian people are committed to building a European democracy that cherishes freedom, economic opportunity and security, and aspires to full membership in all Euro-Atlantic institutions".
Additionally in underlines the willingness of Georgia to contribute to Euro-Atlantic security:
"Georgia seeks to play a vital part in a Euro-Atlantic community of nations contributing to the collective security, democracy and prosperity of that community," - says the declaration.
Furthermore, the declaration talks about Russian aggression:
"We recognize the unique challenges Georgia faces in its region. Our country is partially occupied by Russia, which has recognized entities it controls as independent states. Russia's aggression throughout the last 25 years and its invasions of Georgia in 2008 produced hundreds of thousands of internally displaced citizens,"- claims the declaration.
This is first time Georgian political forces have drafted such a declaration after the inter-fraction agreement over the pro-European foreign policy vector in 2013. At the Warsaw Summit, Georgian authorities are expecting to receive updated version of the existing NATO-Georgia package that was granted to Georgia at Wales Summit of the NATO. As Georgian prime minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili claimed "Georgia expects to get affirmation once again that 2008 Bucharest decision remains in force and Georgia will become a NATO member. And also the confirmation of the progress Georgia has made towards the membership militarily - as it relates to the compatibility of military units to NATO standards and in the fields of democratic development... Warsaw Summit is an important event and we think that at the this summit Georgia's existing package of cooperation with the NATO will be updated as a result of which Georgia's security will be increased," -declared Kvirikashvili.
John Kerry on the other hand, during his visit reassured Georgia that the US stands by 2008 Bucharest Declaration that Georgia will become member of the NATO and pointed out that although certain international events have delayed the process (among them Ukraine and Syria), Georgian people should view what Georgia has accomplished, as a success.


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