occupied Abkhazia

Abkhazia is holding referendum over early presidential elections

ე.წ აფხაზეთის პროკურატურა
Occupied Abkhazia is holding referendum over the question whether to hold early presidential elections. According to the de facto Central Election Commission, the voting is taking place in 33 precincts. Population is expected to answer question whether they consider it necessary to hold early presidential elections.
The referendum caused an unrest in de facto Abkhazia. On June 5, protesters in occupied Abkhazia stormed the building of the so called Interior Ministry. The participants of the demonstration demanded resignation of so called Minister of the Interior, Leonid Zapshba. According to them, the crime level rose sharply under his tenure. Furthermore, the demonstrators are accusing the s.c. Interior Minister of mismanaging the referendum about the early presidential elections. They claimed that the minister prevents his employees to make an free choice.
Opposition demanded to have postponed the July 10 referendum till the Fall, arguing that the government has not guaranteed free expression of the people's will. Additionally they demanded from the authorities to allow voting rights for those with expired passports. Despite the protests, the referendum is taking the place.


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