Occupied South Ossetia

10 Electoral blocs will open in South Osetia for Duma Elections

Photo: Sputnik

According to Sputnik Ossetia, Russian citizens living in the occupied territory of South Ossetia will be able to vote in the Duma [Russian Parliament] elections, in 10 electoral blocs that will open there. Elbrus Kargiev, the Russian Ambassador in South Ossetia, shared this information with the agency.

According to Kargiev, five electoral blocs will be open in Tskhinvali, one in the city of Kvaisa, and four in other regional centers. He recalled that there was an electoral bloc in South Ossetia in 2011 during the Duma parliamentary elections, as well as in 2012 during presidential elections, and that these blocks had a high amount of voters.

Kargiev encouraged the population of South Ossetia to vote in the upcoming 2016 elections on October 18.


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