Murder of Otkhozoria

De facto Abkhazia refuses to hand-over the accused in Otkhozoria's murder


According to the State Security Agency of Georgia,  the Abkhazian side refuses to hand over the accused murderer of Giga Otkhozoria. On August 2, Georgian representatives at a meeting in Gali raised the issue with the de facto authorities. In a statement, the State Security Agency said: "at this stage, Abkhazian side refuses [to hand over the accused] and tries to politicize the issue."

On May 19, Giga Otkhozoria, a citizen of Georgia, was shot-dead near Georgian-Abkhaz administrative boundary line at Khurcha-Nabakevi crossing, on the Georgian controlled territory. He was shot six times and killed by what appears Abkhazia's so called border guards patrolling the area between Georgia and breakaway Abkhazia region. Russia has argued that it has nothing to do with the case and it doesn't see its responsibility. Georgian Foreign Ministry however urges Russia to assume responsibility considering that Moscow has "effective control" over the territory. Georgian Prosecutor's Office has announced the name of suspect as Rashid Kanji-Ogli. Kanji-Ogli has been charged with murder and ordered to pre-trial detention in absentia. 




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