2016 Elections

New Rights Party, Girchi, and Vashadze's party uniting under one bloc

Photo: ტაბულა

Three political parties, Civil Platform - New Georgia, New Political Center (NPC) Girchi, and the New Rights Party are uniting under one bloc for the October elections. Following a month of consultations, the parties announced the new bloc: Vashadze-Japaridze-New Choice.

Their motto:  “More Freedom / A Safe Country / Double the Economy.”

The new political bloc explained their decision: “The parties had the same vision for Georgia’s economic development, foreign policy, pro-Western choice... innovative ideas and common plans. The new bloc will be more competitive by merging our resources. And these parties will be able to provide the results the population expects.”


Giorgi Vashadze, one of the leaders of the three political parties in the new bloc, presented that: “We’re offering you a choice not between bad and worse, but between the past and the future… In every region of Georgia, you see broken hearts. We must heal these broken hearts -- and that’s why we are uniting in this bloc.”


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