2016 Parliamentary Elections

GD's Candidate for Akhaltsikhe known for Islamophobic Statements

გიორგი კვირიკაშვილი Photo: მთავრობის ადმინისტრაცია

Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirkashvili announced today in Akhaltsikhe the Georgian Dream’s MP candidates for the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

In Akhaltsikhe and Adigen, the Georgian Dream representative will be the current mayor of Akhaltsikhe, Giorgi Kopadze. He is known for making islamophobic statements. When in 2013 there were protests from Orthodox Christians against the restoration of the mosque minaret in the southern village of Chela. Kopadze commented that: “We are tolerant. Okay, let them pray, if they want to sell their souls let them do that. People are free in their choices, but when it comes to pressing them on us - it’s unacceptable.”

In Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda, the running candidate will be Enzel Mkoian, who has been a Parliament Member three times.

Gedevan Popkhadze will run as the MP candidate In Borjomi and Mtatsminda. Gedevan Popkhadze is currently a Member of Parliament.


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