Georgia sentences man from Pankisi Gorge for membership of ISIS

Photo: www.frontpagemag.com

Georgian citizen, Davit Borchashvili was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Tbilisi City Court for membership of the Islamic State (ISIS). Borchashvili is native of Pankisi Gorge. He was arrested in November, 2015 after his second deportation by Turkish authorities to Georgia (first time Georgia sent him back).  

Previously, in March, 2016 Georgian court sentence another person from the Pankisi Gorge - Aiuf Borchashvili to 14 years in jail for recruiting fighters and same time jailed his recruits too. 

The most famous of all, became the story of Tarkhan Baritashvili - a commander of the ISIS in Syria known as Omar al-Shishani. Baritashvili also from the Pankisi Gorge, served in Georgian military as a sergeant. Baritashvili who faught in Georgian-Russian war, left for Syria and joined the group after he was dissmissed from the Georgian Army. US announced Baritashvili as dead as of March, 2016 however the group then denied it. Later, the terrorist groups's News Agency declared Baritashvili killed in July 2016 in a fighting in Iraq in city of Shirqat, near Mosul.




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