2016 Parliamentary Elections

New party in Georgia promises Russian pensions and military bases

A new party of Vladimer Bedukadze, "Centrists Khachishvili-Bedukadze" published a political ad with openly pro-Russian promises. His main messages are structures around. Bedukadze's party promises:
  • Russian pensions that will amount at 400 GEL
  • Double citizenship law to allow Georgians receive Russian citizenship
  • To allow Russian military bases in Georgia
The Ad was aired on the Public Broadcaster (GPB) and caused widespread outrage. The director for News and Current Affairs at the Public Broadcaster, Giorgi Gvimradze, commented on the issue stating that by the law GPB was obliged to air the commercial however the broadcaster dissociates itself from the content. He called upon relevant agencies to investigate the issue. National Agency for Communications made a statement saying that it will look into the case.
Georgian Dream representatvei Gia Volski responded to the issue, asking the authorities to outlaw "Centrists" party. Volski said that Georgian Dream will approach the Constitutional Court to discussing the constitutionality of the party and its promises. He said that "the rhetoric is unacceptable for the Georgian Dream".
Unlike Bedukadze other pro-Russian forces in Georgia (Burjanadze's Party and Patriots' Alliance)  refrain from similar election promises and tend to confine themselves by argueing for better relations with Russia and pro-Russian foreign policy. 

In September, 2012 Vladimer Bedukadze was involved in leaking the prison torture videos. Videos were recorded with his participation. A arrest warrant was issued for Bedukadze and he was detained at his arrival in Georgia in 2013 however soon was let go by the Prosecutor's Office since his case was settled by plea bargain.
Below are the screenshots of the ad with English subtitles:



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