2016 Parliamentary Elections

Vashadze-Japaridze's Bloc Offers Burchuladze to Unite for the Elections

Photo: ტაბულა

"Vashadze-Japaridze - New Choice" made an offer to Paata Burchuladze to unite ahead of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. At a press-briefing the representatives of the two parties made a statement saying that they are willing to have a coalition of pro-western political forces. "We are ready to cooperate for Georgia to be a successful state" said the two representatives of the bloc.

Burchuladze is a chairman of "State for Georgia" party, which according to the latest NDI polls is favored by 4% of decided voters. Member of Burchuladze's Party, Merab Metreveli in the interview with Tabula said that the party will discuss the proposal tomorrow. According to him, the parties have not held any negotiations ahead of the annoucement.

On August, 5 three political parties, Civil Platform - New Georgia, New Political Center (NPC) Girchi, and the New Rights Party united under one bloc for the October elections. Following a month of consultations, the parties announced the new bloc: Vashadze-Japaridze-New Choice.

The new political bloc explained their decision: “The parties had the same vision for Georgia’s economic development, foreign policy, pro-Western choice... innovative ideas and common plans. The new bloc will be more competitive by merging our resources. And these parties will be able to provide the results the population expects.”


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