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Eka Beselia (GD) Posts an Article Accusing ex-First Lady of Organ Trade

Eka Beselia Shares an Article accusing ex-first lady of organ trade Photo: Facebook

Georgian news portal,, that often spreads false or unsubstantiated information published a story that accuses former first lady of Georgia, Sandra Roelofs of organ trade. The news piece relies on the YouTube video, where supposedly Ukrainian Security Service representative seats with his back at the camera, tells the story and Sandra Roelofs of organ trade. Interestingly, the YouTube Channel that published the content has few other videos up, most of them "uncovers dids" of former Georgian president and now governor of Odessa region, Mikheil Saakashvili. 

A careful reader would not trust the QartuliGazeti news agency, however member of the parliament and head of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration, Eka Beselia, thinks otherwise. On August 24, Beselia shared the article on her Facebook, without any comment added to the link.  

On August 19, Sandra Roelofs recently announced that she will be running for parliament as a candidate for the United National Movement(UNM) party in the single member Zugdidi district No. 66. Roelofs, a dual Dutch-Georgian citizen, told supporters at a rally in the village of Kortskheli that she no longer wants to be a passive onlooker.





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