Check in Georgia

Zveri Concert in Batumi Cancelled


Representatives of the Russian rock band Zveri announced on Facebook that they would not be performing in Batumi as their honorarium had not been paid on time.

“For reasons beyond our control Zveri has been forced to cancel its concert in Batumi, scheduled for August 29. The concert organisers, GTS GROUP, didn’t fulfill their obligations outlined in the concert agreement. Specifically, they didn’t send the honorarium within the specified time frame”. - said the band’s announcement.

The GTS GROUP has not cited any specific reasons for the cancellation, “Even though this was beyond our control, we the GTS GROUP retain our right to confidentiality at this stage and we will not specify what was the real cause of the cancellation was. Regarding tickets, sales have now stopped and we will start reimbursing those who have already bought them.”

Zveri’s concert in Batumi was supposed to be held as part of the governmental project “Check in Georgia”. The Government gave the venue [Batumi’s tennis courts] to every organising company free of charge.


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