Demur Sturua's Case

Policeman Charged in Demur Sturua Suicide Case

მთავარი პროკურატურა Photo: პროკურატურა

Goderdzi Tevzadze, Inspector-investigator of the Samtredia Municipality, has been charged with abuse of power for pushing Demur Sturua to the point of suicide. The Prosecutor’s Office has encouraged the court to sentence Tevzadze to prison in absentia. The Prosecutor’s Office has stated that Sturua has been attempting to avoid the investigation and in case of his absence a search will be conducted.

The investigation found that on the 7th of August, Inspector-investigator Goderdzi Tevzadze summoned Demur Sturua to his office without the due cause. Tevzadze put Demur Demur Sturua in his car, drove to less populated area, beat him and threatened to charge with a crime if he wouldn’t cooperate with the police. Demur Sturuas was on probationary period for stealing.

The results of post-mortem conducted on Sturua indicate that he was tortured before he committed suicide. Family members stated that injuries were visible on victim’s right leg and on his tongue.

The investigation is being conducted under part 3 of the 333rd and 11th articles of the criminal code which carry a maximum penalty of eight years imprisonment.

22-year-old Demur Sturua hung himself in the village of Daphnari in Samtredia Municipality. In his suicide note Sturua named a certain policemans, ‘G.T’, who was pressurizing him to inform on marijuana growers in the villages of Dapnari, Kula and Sajavakho in Samtredia Municipality. Tabula was told that the family is planning to file a lawsuit after the funeral.

In the suicide note, Sturua wrote: “A Policeman was threatening me that I had to tell him whether someone was growing marijuana in the villages. He said if I didn’t, he would accuse me of things that I had no connection with. He beat me in his car, took me [somewhere] and told me that he would kill me there. He was threatening me.” The letter also said that “the policeman also told me that I have to cooperate with the police and tell them who was planting marijuana in Kula, in Daphnari or in Sajavakho. This happened on August 7, 2016. Goodbye everyone...Demetre Sturua. 20:10, 07.08.2016. Mom, you are left alone, but what can I do.”


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