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Lali Papiashvili Requests To Be Recused From Public Interest Cases

Photo: საკონსტიტუციო სასამართლო

Lali Papiashvili has spoken about recusing herself from public interest cases, as she believes that a number of people have questioned her impartiality.

“So that these negative attitudes don’t influence the legitimacy and reliability of the final decision, I feel obliged to ask the Constitutional Court’s plenum if I can recuse myself from public interest cases” - said Papiashvili at a special briefing.

Papiashvili also spoke about the P.S. video: “I feel I should comment on the TV program “P.S.” which was aired on August 27, regarding the pressure I felt being exerted upon me. The Constitutional Court has always been and will be the defender of freedom of expression, however at the same time it should be said that in a democratic society it’s unacceptable to use civil society for the unjustified discreditation of the court and judges, is wrong and unacceptable.

None of my family members have ever been the subject of a criminal prosecution. During the case mentioned in the TV Program, the investigation had started due to the announcement of one of my family members and it ended in January 2016 when I wasn’t even a judge in public interest cases. In addition to that the facts of the investigation only became known to me during the preparation of the program.”- said Papiashvili

So far, it is unknown when the plenum will discuss Papuashvili’s request to recuse herself. At least five judges are needed to approve the request.

According to the program P.S Lali Papiashvili’s mother, notary Tatiana Akhvlediani, has been interrogated by the Prosecutor’s Office. Rustavi2 stated that this information had been confirmed by Akhvlediani herself. According to her an investigation was launched after her notary bureau was involved in the falsification of a warrant. However, Tatiana Akhvlediani has stated that she was the victim and not an accomplice.


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