2016 Parliamentary Elections

Chugoshvili: We Expect Organised Provocations From The UNM

თამარ ჩუგოშვილი Photo: ტაბულა

At a special briefing today on September 5, the Georgian Dream’s new face and its MP candidate Tamar Chugoshvili spoke about the possibility that the opposition may cause provocations, particularly the UNM.

“The United National Movement party -  which will definitely lose in the upcoming elections and which doesn’t have society’s support - believes its only chance at success is to ferment civil unrest. As far as we know there are some different kinds of provocations planned to the events and also organised plans that could bring violence and pressure to the pre-election campaign period. It’s very important for our country that the next elections pass as peacefully as possible and the responsibility for this lies not just with the ruling party, but applies to all political forces. We call on the organisations observing the elections to pay as much attention as possible things which could potentially hinder the peaceful process of the elections. We also encourage our supporters not to use such methods and ensure that they do not provoke anything. And if there are provocations from others, we ask that they don’t pay attention or become involved in it” - says Chugoshvili

Kakhi Kaladze commented on this statement: “You see how peaceful conditions are in the pre-election period. Each party has the opportunity to campaign, to meet voters, share their electoral visions and plans...The only political grouping which seeks to turn this process negative is the United National Movement.” Said Kaladze

This is not the first time that the ruling party has accused the United National Movement of creating unrest. In April 2014 the Minister of the Interior Aleksandre Chikaidze said that the “UNM is working to create a Euromaidan scenario, and to this end they are already stockpiling tires.” Several months later Chikaidze stated that “anti-governmental and anti-constitutional actions are planned by certain political forces” According to him Mikheil Saakashvili was issuing plans to create unrest in Georgia.

In October 2015, the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia launched an investigation into an attempted revolution and conspiracy.This was based on the “transcript of Mikheil Saakashvili and Giga Bokeria’s talk” published by a Ukrainian website. The International Secretary of the UNM, Giga Bokeria was interrogated as a result of the published transcript. At the time Levan Izoria who was the deputy head of State Security Service announced at a special briefing that an investigation had been launched examining claims that the pair had plotted to overthrow the government, but so far none of the findings have been made public.



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