2016 Parliamentary Elections

Georgian Dream Received 77% of Political Donations Made in August


According to data released by the State Audit Office of Georgia, the ruling Georgian Dream received 5,593,420 GEL in donations in August, more than any other political party.  State for the People received the second largest amount at 622, 014 GEL.

Girchi received their donations separately (86 366 GEL) as did the platform New Georgia (52 999 GEL).

The United National Movement received the third largest amount of donations, 475 824 GEL.

Fourth was the Patriots’ Alliance - 267 207 GEL and fifth, the Free Democrats - 115 550 GEL.

The political party “Free Georgia” received the smallest donation of just 15  GEL and “Kartuli Dasi” - 125 GEL

The total amount of donations made was 7 742 021 GEL, out of which 286 006 was for independent candidates.


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