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Stoltenberg: Despite Russia’s Protests, We’re Continuing NATO Expansion

იენს სტოლტენბერგი Photo: NATO

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has said that the the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will continue with enlargement, despite Russia’s protest. At a press conference with the Georgian Prime Minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Stoltenberg stated that the decision as to whether Georgia would be admitted depends solely on the 28 NATO member states and Georgia itself.

In response to a question about Russia’s stance, Stoltenberg noted:

“The fundamental principle of NATO is that every country should have the right to choose which alliance they want to be part of. This principle isn’t just recognised by NATO, but also by Russia and many European states after the 1975 Helsinki Agreement. It is an independent decision made by independent state. Soon NATO will have its 29th member - Montenegro, which means that NATO is still open for enlargement.“ - said Stoltenberg

The NATO delegation visit to Georgia is leaded by Jens Stoltenberg. The delegation is set to meet with the Head of the Georgian Parliament, the President, members of the government and NGOs. A scheduled meeting of the NATO-Georgia commission has already taken place.


Georgia is often described as being NATO’s star student. At the 2008 Bucharest Summit, Georgia was promised NATO membership. Georgia has participated in a number of NATO’s international missions and is one of the largest non-member contributors the Organisation’s International Security Assistance Force. After the 2014 Wales Summit Georgia received a substantial package for a training center in order to prepare for membership.

The Warsaw Summit [July 2016] declaration spoke about Georgia extensively and pointed out the importance of the upcoming parliamentary elections. It reiterated the fact that Georgia has the potential to a member of NATO and that the Membership Action Plan continues to be an integral part of the process. NATO recognizes the progress Georgia has achieved on its path to integration and has promised continued support to Georgia’s defense capabilities.




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