2016 Parliamentary Elections

Banner of UNM Candidate Set Alight in Racha

Photo: ენმ

The United National Movement’s majoritarian candidate in Racha-Lechkhumi-Svaneti region, Otar Siradze, has said that one of his election banners has been set alight.

“In the central square in Oni, someone poured fuel on the [campaign] banner and set it alight. I approached the police on the same day and asked that they open an investigation. A lot of people witnessed the incident and while everyone knows who did this, no one will come forward. I hope that this case will be investigated before the elections otherwise we may draw the conclusion that this was done with police cooperation. I don’t need banners to win in the elections, but actions like this will not yield a good result for the Georgian Dream. We will respond to this immoral action by winning on October 8.” -said Otar Siradze

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has stated that the incident is being investigated under the 187th article of the Criminal Code concerning the damage or destruction of another person’s property.

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