Constitutional Court of Georgia Relaxes Marijuana Laws

Photo: Getty Images

The Constitutional Court of Georgia has abolished laws that allow for Georgian citizens to be arrested the second time they are found to be using marijuana. The court ruled that the law was unconstitutional.

The court also ruled that it was unconstitutional to arrest individuals for purchasing or possession of Marijuana, as there is no risk of danger to other invidivuals.

Georgia’s drug policy has been frequently criticized by civil society groups. During police drug tests citizens are often forced to pills to make them urinate should they refuse to do so.  On June 17, 2015, Levan Abzianidze died after overdosing on the pills.

According to the White Noise movement, a campaign against harsh drugs policies, Georgian police run urine tests on 112 citizens per day. Over the past seven years, 327,272 citizens have been tested and 33 tonnes of urine have been gathered. The government has spent roughly 17 million GEL on these tests.


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