2016 Parliamentary Elections

MDF: Georgian Dream Spends most Money on Online Advertising


According to research published by the Media Development Fund, of the 1,336,232 spent on online election campaign adverts, 98% of this was by the Georgian Dream. All the other parties combined made up the remaining 2%. The United National Movement spent just 2,147 GEL in online advertising.

Seventy percent of online media outlets had an advertising contract with at least one political party.

Most of the ads were placed with Palitra Holding, which includes Interpressnews, and amounted to 221 479 GEL.

Political parties spent the most on TV advertising, a combined total of 2, 164, 091 GEL.

According to the MDF’s research, the Georgian Dream spent the most on TV advertising, paying 1,000,000. State for the People spent the second largest amount, paying 283,965 GEL to advertise on Rustavi 2.

The United National Movement paid for advertising only on Rustavi 2 (215 00 GEL) and regional media outlets (3 707).

The MDF’s findings are based on research  conducted between the 8th of June and 30th of August.


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