Assassination Attempt

Updated: Ahead of Elections UNM Leader Survives Assassination Attempt


One of the leaders of UNM and the Member of the Parliament, Givi Targamadze survived the assassination attempt in central Tbilisi.  Givi Targamadze’s car has exploded near Freedom Square, when Targamadze was leaving the UNM office. At the time of attack Targamadze was in the car together with his driver. Targamadze and his driver suffered minor injuries. There are 5 bypassers also injured and hospitalized. So far there are no reported casualties. The explosion took place near the the UNM headquarters.

The causes for the explosion are as yet unknown. Givi Targamadze issued a statement saying that he believes that the explosion was caused by bomb placed in his car and detonated using a remote switch. He added that, “we have not suffered any serious injuries, however three people have been hospitalized and we feel very sorry for them.”

When asked whether any threats had been made against him, Targamadze replied that “I don’t want to talk in detail about this, but there were some… But one thing I’m sure of is that the explosion was set off using a detonator. However I would like to assure people that I will not be set back by this. I will continue working with my team with as much energy as before and on the 8th of October we will replace this government.”

The Members of the Georgian Dream (GD) Government have commented on the issue.

One of the leaders of GD and the Chairman of the Parliament’s Human Rights Committee, Eka Beselia stated on TV Maestro that she doesn’t want to draw conclusions but she had the flashbacks of the staged incidents such as the one in Khurcha [2008 Election Period Bus Blast Case]. Beselia added that she hopes this incident won’t be politically labeled.

Former Deputy Prosecutor General, Lasha Natsvlishvili has also touched Khurcha incident when commenting on the assassination attempt: I’m not ruling out the fact that the United National Movement could harm one of their own members themselves and then seek to blame the incident on the government. As for those who plotted the Khurcha incident, it’s easy to sacrifice a member of your team for the sake of provocation, it doesn’t need any further arguments. There’s nothing that they wouldn’t do.

Team Members of Givi Targamadze gave comments to made about the incidents.

Foreign Secretary of the UNM, Giga Bokeria stated: “These incidents clearly demonstrate direction Ivanishvili is taking the country in. Incidents like this take us back in time, to a period when things like this were commonplace… But until we can draw final conclusions, Ivanishvili and his team already carry the blame, whether or not an individual or an institution is found responsible for this specific act. [Ivanishvili and his team] have been destroying the institutions of this country for four years, using them for violent means. Institutions including the State Security Service have become pawns used to reach political goals. [Government] collaboration with criminals and organized crime led us to this.”

Leader of the opposition party “Girchi” posted on Facebook that the responsibility for the assassination attempt lies with the government. Japaridze said: “Every opinion has right to exist but:

  1. It is only in the interest of Russia for a Member of Parliament’s car to be blown up.

  2. Whatever explanation we go with, responsibility lies with the government.

  3. The State Security Service costs us 100 Million GEL annually.”

Ministry of Internal Affairs opened investigation  according to the Article of the Criminal Code on intentional murder in aggravating circumstance.



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