Assassination Attempt

NGOs Call for Rapid Investigation into Assassination Attempt


Non-Governmental Organisations which are observing the upcoming elections have said that they are alarmed about the attempted assassination of opposition leader, Givi Targamadze (UNM).

“Actions such as this harm the interests of the country and undermine the free and peaceful election environment. This is a challenge for law enforcement. We want to encourage the government and law enforcement authorities to make this a matter of priority - to ensure security during elections and in the pre-election period. We call on them to quickly and transparently investigate the incident and adequately punish the criminals. This investigation should be a matter of dignity for the investigators, especially as it has been described as being politically motivated. We also want to encourage political parties to use their civic responsibility and do everything they can to prevent violent developments: support free and fair elections and refrain from making political accusations ahead of the vote”. The statement said.

The statement comes after the car of one of the UNM’s leaders exploded in central Tbilisi, close to Freedom Square. MP Givi Targamadze and his driver were in the vehicle at the time, and sustained only minor injuries.  Five passers-by were injured and hospitalized. The police are investigating the incident as an attempted assassination.


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