Assassination Attempt

Terrorist Attack Case of Targamadze Declared to be Solved

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Georgia’s Ministry of Interior has conducted special operation, seeking to arrest an individual allegedly involved in the recent assassination attempt of Givi Targamadze. According to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Besik Amiranashvili the suspect into assassination attempt of opposition leader Givi Targamadze is udentified. The news was reported by the Imedi TV.

“For past 3 days as part of the continuous investigation, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Security Service and Prosecutor’s Office have taken complex and quick investigative actions and as a result the alleged suspect has been identified. Currently there are additional measures being taken for finding more evidence.” - said Amiranashvili and added that now investigative authorities are conducting the search in one of the flats in Gldani (suburban district in Tbilisi)  

International Relations Secretary of the United National Movement, Giga Bokeria commented on the matter claiming that the government is staging a show ahead of October 8 Elections: “We can’t jump to any conclusions based on the information that we have received up to the moment. However, Imedi TV journalist was seen [during the interview] to repeatedly inquire about possible Ukrainian connections of the suspect. We remember what the authorities were claiming at the initial stage of investigation and this leads us believe we are dealing with badly staged PR campaign. This demonstrates how irresponsible our government is. Fortunately, we’ll end this [Georgian Dream tenure] soon”

According to TV company Imedi the suspect is the former employee of Special Operations Department and his neighbour has claimed that recently he’s visited either Ukraine or Russia.


On October 4, one of the leaders of opposition party, the Untited National Movement UNM and the Member of the Parliament, Givi Targamadze survived the assassination attempt in central Tbilisi. Givi Targamadze’s car has exploded near Freedom Square, when Targamadze was leaving the UNM office. At the time of attack Targamadze was in the car together with his driver. Targamadze and his driver suffered minor injuries. There are 5 bypassers also injured and hospitalized. Medical condition of one of the injured bypassers remains critical. There have been no reported casualties. The explosion took place near the the UNM headquarters.

The causes for the explosion are as yet unknown. Givi Targamadze issued a statement saying that he believes that the explosion was caused by bomb placed in his car and detonated using a remote switch. He added that, “we have not suffered any serious injuries, however three people have been hospitalized and we feel very sorry for them.”

When asked whether any threats had been made against him, Targamadze replied that “I don’t want to talk in detail about this, but there were some… But one thing I’m sure of is that the explosion was set off using a detonator. However I would like to assure people that I will not be set back by this. I will continue working with my team with as much energy as before and on the 8th of October we will replace this government.”

The Members of the Georgian Dream (GD) Government have commented on the issue. The Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Kvirikashvili has pointed onwards former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili when making his statement: “What happened in isn’t just the sabotage attempt, but it was also a pre-planned provocation by the enemies of Georgia in an attempt to destabilise the country before the elections. An investigation is already underway and every effort made to arrest the criminals. A crime this serious can only be in the interest of forces which cannot come to terms with the fact that we have free and peaceful elections in this country. I want to directly address those who planned and implemented this: you will be punished severely. No immunity from prosecution or citizenship from another country will be able to defend the guilty. All those involved will be held responsible. Once and for all, we need to put an end to this - people being put in danger for the sake of political aims.”


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