2016 Parliamentary Elections

CEC: Electoral Districts are Open, Voters can Cast their Votes

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According to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), electoral districts opened at 08:00 throughout the country. The CEC added that “voters can cast their votes in a free and accessible environment.” The population is voting for members of parliament for the country’s 9th parliamentary elections since independence. According to the CEC, there are 3,513,884 eligible voters throughout the country.

Citizens can vote for 25 electoral subjects - 19 parties and 6 political blocs - and are also voting for majoritarian candidates in their electoral districts. There are 3,645 electoral districts in Georgia and 55 districts located outside of Georgia, across 40 countries.

Regarding election observers, there are 42,092 local representatives from electoral districts observing, 29,931 observers from 111 local organisations, and 1,440 observers from 55 international organisations. According to the Central Electoral Commission, the voting procedure will be reported by 5,368 representatives from 184 media outlets.

In the autonomous republic of Adjara, located in western Georgia, in addition to parliamentary elections for the 6 electoral districts of Adjara, voters are also electing the members of the Supreme Council of Adjara. In different districts of Georgia, there are extra-ordinary elections for local mayors. Elections to sakrebulos, or local city assemblies, will be held in the Tbilisi, Tsalka, Chiatura, Abasha, and Zugdidi municipalities and according electoral precincts.

Voting in electoral districts will close at 20:00, when the counting procedure will start. The counting can be observed through online reporting on Facebook and Youtube.

There was early voting on October 5 held in Afghanistan for Georgian soldiers serving; counting of those results will start today as well.

The Central Electoral Commission will announce the preliminary results of the election in the morning of October 9th, at 06:00.


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