2016 Parliamentary Elections

United National Movement will Enter the Parliament


United National Movement will enter the Parliament and participate in the runoffs. A rift has emerged in the party with some leaders calling for a full boycott of the parliament whilst others have cautioned against hasty decisions.

Former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has issued a statement saying that he believes there is no point participating in the run-off votes due to be held in 50 constituencies where no candidate received an outright majority. Saakashvili, who is currently Governor of the Odessa region in Ukraine, has called for a full boycott of the election results.

This information has been known to the public after the political council meeting. Voting ended with the result of 31 in favour and 8 against. Several UNM members such as Sergi Kapanadze, Elene Khoshtaria and foreign relations secretary, Giga Bokeria have made statements before the meeting regarding the absolute necessity of entering the Parliament.

According to the preliminary results of Central Electoral Commission, UNM has 27.12% of the votes. In addition to that UNM has its candidates in 47 districts out of 51 in which the runoffs should take place.


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