2016 Parliamentary Elections

Vashadze: Constitutional Majority is a danger for Georgia

Photo: BPN.GE

Leader of “New Georgia”, Giorgi Vashadze, has  encouraged voters not to vote for the Georgian Dream in the runoffs elections.

“I think that a constitutional majority is a danger for the country and for the Georgian Dream as well, because it would be an absolute power” - said Giorgi Vashadze.

In response to a journalist’s question about whether this was an open encouragement to vote for the the UNM, Vashadze replied that “there is no other way, and that we should think from the perspective of our country’s interests”.

Results from the party list vote in Saturday’s election gave the ruling Georgian Dream party a significant lead with 48.6% of the vote share. The UNM won 27.11%. The only other party to clear the minimum 5% threshold was the populist Alliance of Patriots which cleared the threshold by just 113 votes.


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