2016 Parliamentary Elections

Protests in Marnueli against Election Day Arrests

Photo: რუსთავი 2

United National Movement representatives and relatives of those arrested in connection with the incident  on Election Day in Marneuli are holding a protest against the arrests. A number of the protesters claim that officers from the police special forces unit forcibly entered their homes and physically assaulted them.

Giorgi Mgebrishvili, Minister of Internal Affairs, has commented on the matter, calling those who were arrested criminals.  “These people are ordinary criminals, who dared to resist the police. Until now I haven’t forgiven anyone who resisted the police and I’m not planning to in the future. There was no pressure or physical violence. All of this is made up - You’ve probably heard that attack is the best defence”.

The protesters are planning to gather in front of Rustavi City Court, where the accused were found guilty.

On the day of the elections, several opposition activists attempted to steal the ballot box from a polling station in Marneuli’s electoral district, threw stones at the building and clashed with the police. The results from 48th polling station of Marneuli were subsequently annulled.


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