Assassination Attempt

Suspect Arrested in Connection with Targamadze Assassination Attempt

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrested one individual in connection with the attempted assassination of UNM leader Givi Targamadze, and a second suspect has been charged in absentia.

At a special briefing today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that a Georgian citizen, by the initials of  B.Ch. had been arrested for the unlawful purchase and possession of a weapon and another, D.Kh, has been charged in absentia for attempted assassination.

The Ministry stated that during a search of the suspects home they found guides on how to create explosives and materials used for the production of a remote detonated explosive device as well as the architectural drawings of Givi Targamadze’s home and workplace.

They added that the DNA samples taken from Givi Targamadze’s car match the genetic profiles of suspect D.Kh’s parents.

Member of United National Movement, Elene Khoshtaria made a statement saying that “In general, we’ve seen how irresponsible and immoral the government has been regarding the case. As happened with other cases, the government didn’t answer all the questions related to the case. So of course we have lost trust in the investigation”.

Days before the election the car of one of the UNM’s leaders exploded in central Tbilisi, close to Freedom Square. MP Givi Targamadze and his driver were in the vehicle at the time, and sustained only minor injuries.  Five passers-by were injured and hospitalized. The police are investigating the incident as an attempted assassination.


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