Ministry of Defence

Suspected Trespasser Shot and Killed at Army Training Center


A suspected trespasser was shot and killed in the early hours of the morning at the Krtsanisi National Training Center, a large Georgian Army training centre. A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said that at 3.30am three unknown individuals were seen within the territory of the training centre. Security guards issues several warnings but opened fire after the individual threw a fire extinguisher in their direction.

The deceased was later found near the perimeter of the territory. He has been named as Giorgi Shengelia and was born in 1993.

“The aggression towards the guardsman exhibited by this individual was a clear risk of danger. The intruder didn’t obey the demands of the guards who then shot in his direction. After the incident took place, the individual managed to run towards the wire fence around the military territory and hide” - said the Defense Ministry statement.

The Defence Minister, Levan Izoria, also isused a statement claiming that a mobile phone and pistol had been found 100 meters from the center.

The victim’s family have stated that they do not believe the Ministry’s version of events. They claim Shengelia’s body was found 97 meters from the training center and his father hast stated that he was shot in the back, which would suggest “that he was shot when trying to escape”. Shengelia’s Father has also denied the fact that his son had a gun.

The incident is investigated by the police department of the Ministry of Defence under the observation of the Prosecutor's Office.


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