2016 Parliamentary Elections

ISFED: Electoral Violations more Common in Districts Lead by Opposition


International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) has published an interim report of the findings of its monitoring mission which has been observing the electoral environment in the run up to the second round of voting, scheduled to take place this Sunday.

ISFED recorded two instances of physical abuse , one shooting which was believed to be politically motivated, eight instances of intimidation and on at least two instances of bribery.

They also recorded two incidents where members of the electoral commission were found within the premises of Georgian Dream  district offices.

The ISFED noted that these electoral violations were more prevalent in districts where members of opposition parties were in the lead.  

ISFED has underlined the fact that violence or threats against political activists are a violation of the criminal code and should be therefore adequately investigated.

ISFED will have observers in place in every district where polling is due to take place on Sunday.


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