2016 Parliamentary Elections

CEC: Runoffs Take Start in a Peaceful Environment

ანა მიქელაძე Photo: ცესკო

The Central Electoral Commission announced that all the polling stations opened on time and without incident this morning.  Runoff votes are being held in the 50 electoral districts where no candidates were not able to clear the 50% threshold required in the first round of voting.

The Georgian Dream and the United National Movement have candidates in 49 and 45 districts respectively, while a handful of independent candidates are running in the remaining districts. The Free Democrats and Industrialists each have one candidate running. Iraklia Alasania, former leader of the Free Democrats, is standing as an independent candidate.

On the October 8th elections the Georgian Dream won 23 majoritarian seats, and gained a further 44 as a result of the party list vote. If the party win a further 46 seats in today’s vote, they would have a constitutional majority in the parliament. The only other parties to entre the new parliament will be the United National Movement with 27 mandates through proportional list and the Alliance of Patriots who just passed the 5% minimum threshold to win six seats.

A runoff vote for the Supreme Council of Adjara is also due to be held today, as are gubernatorial elections in Zugdidi, Kharagauli and Bolnisi. Elections for a new mayor of Akhaltsikhe will also take place today.

After counting the votes from 3702 ballot stations, Central Electoral Commission has announced that three parties crossed the have crossed 5% threshold - Georgian Dream with 48.65% (856 762 votes), United National Movement with 27.12% (477 596 votes) and Patriots’ Alliance with 5% (88 109 votes).

Georgia has a mixed electoral system. At the polling station, candidates cast one vote for a majoritarian candidate running in their district, and a second vote for a national party list. If none of the candidates pass the 50% threshold then a runoff vote is held between the two candidates who won the most votes. Seventy-three out of the 150 seats of the parliament will be filled in this way. The rest will be filled by party list candidates.


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