2016 Parliamentary Elections

TI: 70 Relatively Serious Violations Noted in the Runoffs


Transparency International Georgia has assessed the runoffs of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. According to the organisation, election day passed largely without incident: the majority of voting stations opened on time and voting and counting procedures were for the most part transparent.

TI did report, however, that their observers noted nearly 70 serious procedural violations. The organisation officially filed 11 complaints. TI also noted that these violations were not serious enough to have influenced the will of the voters or the final results.

TI further stated that the electoral administration’s work was satisfactory during all stages. The Central Election Commission of Georgia published the election results in a timely manner. 

TI also published recommendations for future elections, which include the advancement of the administrative employees’ qualifications and changes in the formation of the electoral commission. Transparency International has also recommended the implementation of e-voting in Georgia, which would “make the voting and counting procedure easier.”

TI has also said that it’s important to start the discussion about changing the electoral system of Georgia “so that the number of votes are in accordance to the mandates that parties receive in Parliament”.


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