2016 Parliamentary Elections

Kobakhidze Discusses Constitutional Amendments and Electoral Reform

Photo: ტაბულა

The Executive Secretary of the Georgian Dream, Irakli Kobakhidze has already spoken out about making changes to the electoral system and constitutional amendments. Early results from yesterday’s runoff vote show the Georgian Dream to be on course to claim a constitutional majority, which would enable them to make changes to the constitution without the support of other parties in parliament.

“We will have a lot of issues to discuss, including the the issue of the electoral system itself. The most important things is that we have the right working conditions and a wide consensus on any changes we will make to the constitution of Georgia. I can proudly say today that these changes will definitely get positive response from our international and local partners.” - said Kobakhidze. He did not go into any further details about planned changes to the constitution.

With regards the the question of whether or not the majoritarian system would be abolished,  Kobakhidze replied that no decisions had yet been reached regarding the issue. However, he added that a discussion would be held about the merits of the electoral system.

Speaking about the Georgian Dream’s constitutional majority,  Kobakhidze said that he believed people had demonstrated their trust in the party and that the their  “only task with regards to the constitution is to advance the document.”


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