2016 Parliamentary Elections

White House Congratulates Georgia on Successful Elections

თეთრი სახლი Photo: huffpost.com

The White House National Security Council spokesperson released a statement today congratulating Georgia on succesful elections, adding that the vote underscores Georgia’s status as a regional democratic leader.

“The United States congratulates the people of Georgia for the successful completion of yesterday’s parliamentary elections, which affirm Georgia as a leader of democratic reform in the region.  We note that the OSCE election observation mission assessed both the October 8 elections and the October 30 run-offs as competitive and administered in a manner that respected the rights of candidates and voters.  Political leaders from across the spectrum played an important role in urging all their supporters to show restraint during the electoral period so that Georgian voters could freely make their own decisions.” - says the statement.

The White House also expresses its concerns with regards to the handful of incidents of intimidation and violence which were reported in the run up to and during the vote: “We are concerned, however, about isolated incidents of violence and intimidation and urge accountability as well as a thorough and balanced investigation in accordance with the rule of law.”

“We now encourage political leaders from all parties to work together in pursuit of goals important to all Georgians, including democratic consolidation, security, and economic prosperity. We look forward to working with the new government and parliament to support Georgia’s democratic and economic development, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.”


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