2016 Parliamentary Elections

Russian MP: GD a Strategic Partner for Restoration of Relations

Photo: ntv.ru

The Chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Committee on Eurasian Integration, Leonid Kalashnikov, has suggested that the committee would be ready to restore parliamentary cooperation with Georgia in the wake of the elections.  

“We will definitely hold a hearing about this issue in the committee, we’ll analyze the results of the elections and make our offers to Georgia. We’ll see if they agree or not” - said Kalashnikov.

Kalashnikov has said that the results of the vote, in which the Georgian Dream won a constitutional majority, has in his view, affirmed the fact that Saakashvili and the United National Movement will not make a political comeback.

“Confrontation with Russia has failed. Any hopes that Mikhail Saakashvili and his party members would return to power have been destroyed” - said the Member of Parliament.

He added that the Georgian Dream’s victory does not necessarily mean an automatic restoration of relations between Moscow and Tbilisi, but that the Georgian Dream is a more strategic partner to work with on the issue.

He added that, “There is some resistances so far, however consultations are taking place...It’s time for both sides to take steps in order to restore the relations. The election results give the Georgian Dream a strategic advantage in managing the situation” - said Kalashnikov.


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