Russia-Abkhazia Treaty

Russia and de facto Abkhazia to Combine Military Forces


The Russian parliament has ratified an agreement which will see the Russian military combine forces with Georgia's breakaway region Abkhazia's army. The agreement, signed in November of last year, seeks to create a “common security and defence space” for the purposes of “repelling aggression.”

it is believed that the combined military group will be comprised of the dislocated Russian military base in Amkhazia, two battalions of light armored troops from Abkhazia's de-facto military, aviation groups, artillery groups and subdivisions of special ops forces.The military group will be lead by the representatives of Russia's occupation military base.

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the the agreement, stating:

The creation of such formation was envisaged by so-called “treaty on alliance and strategic partnership”, signed in November 2014. The entire process vividly demonstrates that the Russian Federation pursues the policy of creeping annexation of Georgia’s occupied regions. This is in complete contravention to the established international order and undermines fundamental principles of the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act, such as the inviolability of the internationally recognized borders and the respect of territorial integrity of a sovereign state”

The statement added that “The Government of Georgia will consolidate its diplomatic efforts in response to the provocative steps by the Russian Federation in all available international formats, be it bilateral relations with our partners or multilateral diplomacy, in order to ensure a proper assessment of Russia’s illegal actions and efficient measures by the international community for providing peace and security in the region.”

The chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Eurasian Integration Committee, Leonid Kalashnikov, has claimed that the agreement’s ratification will strengthen the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.


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