2016 Parliamentary Elections

Sandra Roelofs Refuses to enter Parliament

სანდრა რულოვსი Photo: ipress

UNM Member Sandra Roelofs has announced that she will not take up her seat in the parliament.

Sandra Roelofs was second on the United National Movement’s electoral list and she will be replaced by Giorgi Ghviniashvili, who is 28th on the list.

Georgia’s former first lady, Sandra Roelofs was also party’s majoritarian candidate in Zugdidi. On October 24th she issued a statement that she was considering not taking part in the runoffs of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections as she didn’t want her “people to be insulted, abused and made fun of that I didn’t win.” Roelofs has also alleged that the election results were falsified across the country.

After the results of October 8 Elections, a rift has emerged in the party with some leaders [including former President, Mikheil Saakashvili] calling for a full boycott of the parliament whilst others have cautioned against hasty decisions.


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