2016 Parliamentary Elections

GD Spent 20.8 Million in Run-up to Election, UNM - 2.4

Photo: ტაბულა

According to the State Audit Office of Georgia, Georgian Dream spent more than any other political party in Georgia in the run up to the parliamentary elections of October 8, amounting to a little more than 20,852,000 GEL.

The State for the People party spent 4,396,452 GEL. The United National Movement spent 2,419,869 GEL, followed by the Patriots’ Alliance that spent 2,391,046 GEL. The Free Democrats spent 1 308 840 GEL.This data was collected in between June 8 to October 8. 

The State Audit Office of Georgia also said that Georgian Dream received the most amount of donations, worth over 16,101,500 GEL. State for the People party received 4,205,343 GEL. The Patriots’ Alliance received 1,098,207 GEL. The UNM received 1,018,581 GEL. Independent candidate Ilia Kokaia received 559,000 GEL in donations.

Not taking into account the administrative costs of the 2016 Georgian parliamentary elections, more than 33,000,000 GEL were spent for the political campaigns of major parties.


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