Assassination Attempt

Information on attempted assassination of MP to be passed to Interpol

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According to the candidate of Minister of Internal Affairs, information pertaining to the accused in the case of the assassination attempt on the life of Givi Targamadze [UNM's former MP] will be transferred to Interpol. At a joint meeting of three parliamentary committees, UNM member Giga Bokeria asked Mgebrishvili for clarification on this matter. The potential future Minister of Internal Affairs added that there is no information about the accused of having exited the country.

“It has been years since the last assassination attempt in our country. On October 5 there was an attempt on the life of MP Givi Targamadze, during which a passerby almost died. You’ve said that an inquiry into the case has been opened, however, you’ve simply pointed towards your opponents and then arrested someone for illegal possession of a weapon. Why isn’t the fugitive on Interpol’s list? Are you openly saying that you’re not interested? That these are your people or what?”, asked Giga Bokeria.

“Regarding the attempted assassination of Givi Targamadze, the individuals have been identified, one of them is under arrest and a search is being conducted for the other. There is no data on him having crossed the border, thus everything is going according to procedure and Interpol will receive the needed information from us in the nearest future”, says Mgebrishvili.

On October 4, the UNM leader’s vehicle exploded in central Tbilisi, close to Freedom Square. MP Givi Targamadze and his driver were in the vehicle at the time, and sustained only minor injuries. Five in the vicinity of the blast were injured and hospitalized, one in a  serious condition.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrested one individual in connection with the assassination attempt. Another citizen has been charged in absentia. According to the MIA, B. Ch. (D.O.B. 1976) was arrested on charges of the illegal purchase and possession of a weapon. Citizen D. Kh (D.O.B. 1974) has been charged in absentia with attempted murder.


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