UNM Convention to Be Held on January 20 With 7000 Participants


The political council of the United National Movement has decided to hold its 7th convention on January 20. More than 7000 delegates will be in attendance. Of the 60 members on the political council, 50 attended today. 25 voted in favor of holding the convention, 24 against and 1 member abstained 

The council meeting lasted for several hours. The format of the convention was put forward in two variations: the first, proposed by Zurab Chiaberashvili, involved the attendance of 2,158 delegates. The second, proposed by Levan Bezhiashvili, involves more than 7,000 delegates. It is speculated that former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, supports the option of 7000 delegates. It is worth mentioning that supporters of this approach want the position of chairman to remain vacant.

At the convention, the United National Movement will choose new members for its political council, members of the revision commission and a new party chairman.

According to the decision of the political council, UNM members, UNM candidates in the Adjara Supreme Council, UNM MPs of the most recent elections, members of UNMs political council, chairmen of regional and city organizations, majoritarian candidates of the 2016 parliamentary elections and members on the proportional list as well.

Former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili thanked the political council for not distancing him from the party: “the decision that was made by the ruling institution of the party will give the opportunity to everyone to express their opinion and make decisions in a democratic fashion. I also want to thank everyone for the trust expressed by the members of the party and for hindering the plan of distancing me from the party. We will win together. Power is in unity.”

United National Movement’s MP, Giga Bokeria, commented on the decision of the political council as well: “Our party has been on a European path since 2012, when a difference of opinions was highly visible at political council meetings. That’s why my answer to those colleagues criticizing this approach would be that, unfortunately, the political council actually made a decision that I was opposed to, however, this is the part of the democratic process.”

Another member of the Parliament, Elene Khoshtaria, made a similar statement saying that, “I don’t agree with this decision, however I will abide by it. This is the democratic process. It is unfortunate that some of our colleagues have resorted to blackmailing and insults because of dissenting opinion.”


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