2016 Parliamentary Elections

MDF: Court Selectively Targeted Broadcasters

Photo: MDF

The Media Development Fund (MDF) published its report on the pre-election period, which says that the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) and court took a selective approach towards broadcasters in the pre-election period. MDF said that reactions against the violations of broadcasts on GDS and Obieqtivi TV were not adequate.

“The GNCC took a selective approach towards three TV companies, including Georgian Public Broadcaster and GDS, which is owned by members of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s family. Obieqtivi, which is affiliated with a third party in the Parliament, Patriots’ Aliance, was also targeted in this way”, says the report.

Moreover, the report says that the court slapped Tabula and Rustavi 2 - two of the most government - critical TV stations in the country - with 1500 GEL fines, while “other TV companies were given only a verbal warning, even though the same violation took place on Imedi’s channel three times.”


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