State Budget

Ministry of Education Budget Reduced by 23.2 Million in 2017

Photo: პრეზიდენტის ადმინისტრაცია

The 9th Parliament of Georgia approved the corrected version of budget for 2017.

85 MPs supported the new budget project. The budget of several governmental institutions, including some of the ministries, will have a smaller budget in 2017.

However the budget of the Ministry of Defence will have an additional 80 million GEL and State Security Service will receive an additional 18 million GEL.

The following institutions’ budgets will be affected by the change:

  • Parliament - 2 million GEL reduction
  • Governmental Administration - 2 million GEL reduction
  • Ministry of Finance - 3.5 million GEL reduction
  • Ministry of Corrections - 9 million GEL reduction
  • Ministry of Defence - budget raised by 80 million GEL
  • Ministry of Education - 23.2 million GEL reduction
  • Ministry of Energy - budget raised by 69.5 million GEL (total of 204.5 million GEL)
  • Ministry of Agriculture - 10.3 million GEL reduction


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