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TV Company Imedi Plans to Rebrand by Buying GDS and Maestro

Photo: იმედი

TV Company Imedi released an official statement today regarding negotiations with TV companies Maestro and GDS. According to Imedia, an agreement has been reached with Maestro and the negotiations are in the final phase with GDS.

The statement reads as follows:

“Mediaholding ‘Imedi’ is happy to tell you that negotiations with Maestro regarding the purchase of a full control package have been successfully completed. As of 2017, Maestro will become part of Mediaholding Imedi.

Additionally, negotiations are almost over with GDS company. We hope that this deal will also end successfully. It’s worth mentioning that this deal doesn’t concern Georgian Dream Studio, which will remain in the ownership of its current owner.

After dealing with all the legal and financial procedures, Mediaholding ‘Imedi’ will offer its viewers renewed TV channels, which will be equipped with modern technology and answer to the demands of the large spectrum of viewers.

We believe that the united team of experienced professionals and renewed management will have solid input to the development of the media environment in Georgia. . . “

Imedi has already purchased all commercial time on GDS and on Maestro, which means that these companies already have common commercial interests. Additionally, these three TV companies carried out similar exit polls during the 2016 Parliamentary Elections.


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