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Parliament of Georgia Adopts Resolution on Country’s Foreign Policy

საქართველოს პარლამენტი Photo: RFE/RL

With 91 votes in favour, the Parliament of Georgia adopted a resolution on the country’s foreign policy.

According to the resolution, the main priorities of Georgia’s foreign policy are to reaffirm the sovereignty of the country, restore Georgia’s territorial integrity and become members of the European Union and NATO.

“The main goal of the foreign policy of Georgia is to reaffirm the sovereignty of the country, the de-occupation and peaceful restoration of the territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders of Georgia, through reconciliation and confidence building of the population divided by the occupation lines, and by means of consolidation of support of the international community”, reads the first paragraph of the resolution.

The resolution was put forward by Georgian Dream. Members of United National Movement initially opposed the resolution, one reason being the wording concerning the country’s stance on Russia. However, on December 28, changes were made to the text in question after which UNM members put their support behind their resolution.

After the adoption of the resolution, United National Movement member Elene Khoshtaria, “on paper, everything looks alright, but in reality we have very serious problems.”

The resolution also highlights society’s involvement in country’s Euro-Atlantic integration:

“Special attention will be focused on strategic communication regarding the country’s European and Euro - Atlantic integration in order to maintain a high level of informed support in society towards the pro-Western course of the country.”

The full document in English can be found here.


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